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Hidden Hollow Beads

Tree Of Life Suncatcher - Beaded Suncatcher - 30mm Crystal Sun Catcher

Tree Of Life Suncatcher - Beaded Suncatcher - 30mm Crystal Sun Catcher

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Beaded Suncatcher

    • Eye-catching crystal ornaments can dangle in your window or rearview mirror making you smile as you drive down the road!

    • 38mm Icicle Crystal Sun Catcher and Crystal and Rhinestone Beaded Portion. Made by hand in the USA!!

    • Made with strong 7-strand wire, stainless steel jump rings, and a strong 14mm Silver clasp that makes it easy to take it on and off.

    • Comes in a Gift Bag! The Beaded portion is 8 inches in length. We also put our lotus charm at the top with our trademark on the back.

    • We stand behind our products 100% and will make sure you are always happy with your purchase.

Beaded suncatchers make the perfect accessory to hang from your rearview mirror. If you’ve been looking for girly car accessories, for yourself or someone else, you can’t go wrong with our stainless steel car charms, hanging 4 inches from your rearview mirror and add just enough décor to your rearview mirror, without obstructing your view. Rear mirror accessories catch the light and make you smile as you drive down the road. You’ll find yourself smiling as the car mirror charm dances and sways. This stainless steel car charm is handmade from high-quality stainless steel, right here in the USA. Rear-view mirror accessories make a great gift for yourself or someone else. We have hanging car accessories to fit every occasion. Whatever you’re into, we can help you find a rear view mirror hanging accessory to fit your needs. From a cross for car mirror, to beaded suncatchers and other rear-view mirror ornaments, we have something for everyone. Browse entire collection of hanging car accessories.
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