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Hidden Hollow Beads

Red Glass

Red Glass

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The Story on Red Cat's Eye Beads and why you can't find them:


Cat's Eye beads are made with hand mixed dyes. The name of the beads comes from the beautiful way the center of the bead or the "EYE" of the bead catches the light. Like a cats eye. The closer the color comes to red the "EYE" of the beads begins to disappear leaving only a clear red bead and not a cat's eye bead at all. The Dark Orange color is often called RED but is really a dark orange and is called red becuase it is the closest thing to red.  So we all search for a solution to the problem of no red cat's eye beads. We have found these red glass pearls and although they have no "EYE" they fit in with the cat's eye beads and are the same size and shape and so can be used in conjunction with the cat's eye beads with beautiful results.

This bead is a clear glass bead that goes great with Cat's eye beads.


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